Welcome on board of Alam Kaya to discover Komodo National Park !

Alam Kaya is a charming traditional wooden boat built up locally in Komodo by traditional boat builders. Get on board & discover the beauty of Komodo National Park, explore the beautiful mountainous coastlines, dance with the manta and enjoy that calm feeling you get while relaxing on the deck of a boat under millions of stars... 

The national park is famous for the Komodo dragons but also for its sanctuary of thousands of protected marine species! Thanks to its intense marine life and biodiversity, swimming into Komodo waters is like jumping in a natural aquarium.

Feeling stressed? You need a break!  Your next getaway is waiting for you on board of Alam Kaya Private Charter to sail Komodo National Park...

We really enjoyed the trip! To boat was super cozy, the crew very helpful with good knowledge of the park. As a couple, it was a perfect romantic getaway for few days, Thank you, Alam Kaya's Crew for making this trip truly unforgettable :)


Our cruise through the Komodo National Park was spectacular. The boat was extremely spacious and convenient with 2 cabins, the food on board was excellent and the crew was extremely attentive and helpful.


Sailing Trips in Komodo National Park

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Sailing Komodo archipelago, things to see

Established in 1980, the park was initially intended to conserve the legendary and endangered Komodo dragon and its habitat. Facing increasing popularity and becoming a world class destination for diving, the national park was declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1991.

With a total area of 1,817 square kilometers, the park is composed of three major islands Komodo, Padar, Rinca and a multitude of smaller ones. Located in the coral triangle, Komodo waters contain some of the richest marine biodiversity on earth.  

Alam Kaya Charter

Private and Comfortable

Equipped of two cabins with queen size beds, latex mattresses and large windows offering unfettered views over the sea and surrounding islands, Alam Kaya charter is a perfect choice for a private cruise of 4 guests with friends, family or for a couple who wish to have a romantic cruise in Komodo national park. Upper deck is equipped with beanbags and a large sunbed to relax under the sun or under the shade. Alam Kaya operates private charters only so that guests can design their own itinerary, enjoy intimacy in an absolute comfort.

Relaxing & Activities

Beyond Komodo dragons, treasure of the national parc is its immense marine biodiversity. Clarity of the water and abundance of corals in shallower depths make great snorkeling in spectacular underwater garden. Komodo is also famous for trekking Rinca, Komodo, Padar island, Gili Lawa Darat, and for its white and pink sandy beaches. Between exploration trips, guests can enjoy the sundeck while contemplating the surrounding islands, spotting dolphins, manta rays or simply watch the sun sink slowly below the horizon!

Eco-friendly and Responsible

To be eco-friendly, Alam Kaya charter is equipped with solar panels to light up the boat and enable to charge all electronic devices. As part of this eco responsibility, charter is not using air conditioning and generator to avoid pollution and noise at night in respect to our beautiful nature. To cope with no air condition, rooms have been designed with three large windows on both side to let breeze pass through making rooms cool and fresh at night and during the day.

Charter specification and Safety

Crew is composed of one Captain who speaks a very good English, has great knowledge of Komodo waters and many years of experience in Komodo national park as well as one cook & two hand deck. Length: 17 meters, 3-meter width. Motor: Diesel 4D34 with speed up to 14 knots. Safety: 12 life jackets, 2 life rings, 6 fire extinguishers and 1 dinghy that can carry up to 12 people. Free air check Radio 2 Band system to ensure communication in case of any emergency.

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